PancakeLarge DeFi wallet in the world

Our task and our challanges for the project

We were asked to create something that will be easy to use, and at the same time very functional for all your accounts to be manageable at the same time.

That task was exciting cause we decided to make an easy and simple solution as we were asked, but at the same time, mesmerizing and enjoyable for users.

  • Pancakeswap
  • Ios, Android
  • UI/UXDevelopmentAnimationWeb DesignMotion Design
  • August 2021

FriendlyEasy to use

Combined with 3D Compositions, we begin with a clean white background to create an aesthetic yet professional environment.

Fonts and Colors

The brightly colored palette catches the eye and brings the design to life by adding a fresh and dynamic touch. Matching with several fonts for details we choose combination of bright and dark colors!

ExtraordinaryAccessible and useful

We were experimenting and working using different approaches, but we saw that we were close to something extraordinary to share with the world.

All your finances hereEasy and clean

We made a smooth and clean interface for all users to enjoy it. Make transactions and manage your portfolio without losing focus, but relish the process.

A web solution

Making just a mobile app was never the finishing line! Transferring and adapting our interface and design for the website made the website one of the best wallets for user portfolios.

Perfection in details

Finishing up, we ended with a very user-friendly solution for your portfolio and finances, easy transactions and deals. All in one place with excellent illustrations and 3D animations.

picture of next project

The next project

Velas Mobile

All your finances are in one place! Use them with style, luxury, and the best design and user experience.