VelasEVM/eBPF Hybrid Chain

Our task and our challanges for the project

We love to push the limits, play with contrasts and give a real personality to our projects. So with this one, we decided to go with a style!

Project itself was very inspiring so we decided to use option available to us, and looking on all the possibilities that we could do with all the materials to turn them into something magnificent.

With our design in 2021, Velas was worth about $1 billion. We are proud of our work and would like to share it with you.

  • Velas
  • Ios, Web
  • UI/UXAnimation
  • April 2022

Going with a style

We started thinking big! This project was a perfect challenge for us to make something with a style and strong and strict representation for users to see and feel that they have something luxurious in their hands.

Best combination Tone & Extravagance

We used classic and stylish fonts and combined them with a color scheme of the same caliber.

Inspiring came from the best

We devised an idea for the design based on Velas customer and associate Ferrari! Style, grace, and aggression are all combined in one perfect mix of colors and details.

Luxurious and Stylish

We delivered a brand book, a new logo, illustrations, animations, UX, UI, and Front-end Dev. And here is what we got!

picture of next project

The next project


Fixed-term and fixed-rate loans for the borrowers.