NVOTrade with the best crypto wallet

Our task and our challanges for the project

NVO is your way to trade with the best crypto wallet. We had to blow the minds of crypto enthusiasts with this project. Managing portfolio and finances with the app must be fast.

Consumers must be astonished by its fantastic look. With our help, NVO raised 8M$ in investments. We have created a project that has no analogs, from scratch to release.

  • NVO cor.
  • Ios, MacOs
  • UI/UXDevelopmentAnimationBranding
  • September 2017

Futuristic Easy to understand

We started making layouts and mockups with 3D sketches, with a vision in mind where we're going to.

Best trades. Always available

We made something that will be always available, and always on point for you wherever you are and whatever deals you wanted to complete.

Dark Ocean Concept

We achieved it by mixing up dark and light blue colors. Providing astonishing, futuristic details and looks, simple but functional, all for the user's best experience!

Tasteful and strong

To match our color palette we chose best fonts for it to represent the design and to make user experience most satisfying journey

Expressiveness in the details

We made the branding part by creating a recognizable logo and a unique style consistent with the theme of the project and its goals.

Website for people

Sticking with our design ideas we made website for NVO to provide users with the best experience and variety of usage, for your trades to be always available.

Astonishing results

Smooth, detailed, perfectly animated, and user-friendly. This is the design made for a brand! This is what we got!

picture of next project

The next project


Making a Defi wallet with 3D Compositions combined with a clean design creates an aesthetic yet professional environment.